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Guangzhou tattoo stickers manufacturers - tattoo stickers prices
source:Meizi Nail art time:2018-09-14

Tattoo sticker production parameters

retail price ¥20.00 Wholesale prices Negotiable Place of origin China guangzhou
support customization support Brand MZ Numbering TH01~16
type Water transfer tattoo sticker size 148*210mm MOQ 5000

Tattoo sticker design

Arm tattoo sticker
Arm tattoo sticker

Tattoo stickers custom instructions

This tattoo sticker is an arm tattoo sticker. It is an environmentally friendly tattoo sticker made by water transfer printing. The service period is generally 12~15 days.

If you have enough quantity, the price of the tattoo sticker can still be negotiated, and the production cycle is usually 10~13 days.

Guangzhou Meizi Tattoo Sticker Manufacturer, professionally customize tattoo stickers for you and deliver them to you.

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