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where to buy nail art stickers
source:Meizi Nail art time:2018-05-26

Where to buy nail stickers

Buy nail stickers preferred Guangzhou Miko Arts & Crafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Generally buy nail stickers, you can choose to buy online, but the price is more than a few times more than our nail sticker manufacturers. If you want to buy nail stickers, you can directly contact us: Guangzhou Meizi Arts & Crafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: No. 11-3, Shayongsha Road, Shiji Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
We have a professional nail sticker designer. The designed nail sticker is completely in line with the human body type A; professional production team, deploying a distinctive color, so that you paste nail stickers more personalized; safe production of nail paste production Standards, passed the international SGS environmental certification inspection.

Our production of nail stickers advantages:

bright color, realistic effect, good viscosity, strong waterproof, strong personality, pregnant women and children can rest assured that use; for the usual beauty makeup photos, participate in various meetings, daily nail and so on.
Our Nail Stickers include Nail Sticker Nail Stickers, Children Nail Stickers, Leopard Nail Stickers, Solid Nail Stickers, Painted Nail Stickers, Simple Nail Stickers, etc.

Nail Sticker Effect Picture

Nail polish sticker

Glitter nail stickers
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