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Meiko Nail posted foreign trade supply wholesale cooperation process

First, understand the United States and children nail paste products
Through the phone / WeChat consultation, message and other means of communication;
Learn more about the styles and benefits of our nail care products
After both sides understand each other, determine the intention of cooperation.
Second, fill in the cooperation application form
Foreign companies fill in the "cooperation application form," the provisions of the certificate and operational capacity of the information files submitted to the company for review.
Third, the company assessment confirmed
After the company receives the application form, it examines the specific conditions and conditions of the foreign trade wholesaler.
After examination and approval, the applicant shall be notified and a cooperation agreement shall be reached.
Fourth, sign
The company provides the text of the license contract and explains it.
The company and foreign trade wholesalers signed a friendly cooperation contract, a clear way of cooperation, rights and obligations.

Select the United States and Nail paste foreign trade suppliers advantages

Direct docking nail foreign trade supply suppliers
Nail stickers foreign trade supply manufacturers direct selling prices
Guangzhou ten years specializing in the production of nail stickers manufacturers
Price concessions, no brokers earn the difference
The first time to get the latest style nail stickers
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