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How to stick nail applique
source:Meizi Nail art time:2018-08-30

Preparation before nail applique: nail polish, beauty nail applique, nail tool

1. Trim out your favorite type A

First, put your hands into warm water at 50 °C to soften the nails, then use a nail tool to trim the nails neatly, do not leave the edges, and trim the type A (flat, curved...) with alcohol. Clean the face

Clean and soften nails

2. Apply armor oil

After the nail surface is completely dry, apply armor oil. The armor oil can protect your nails from the outside world and lock the nutrients of the nails.

Apply armor oil

3. Choose your favorite nail applique

Compare the size of the nail surface, choose the appropriate nail sticker applique on the beauty nail sticker, and apply the nail polish after all the nail polish has dried.

Beauty nail sticker applique

4. Choose your favorite nail polish color

It can be transparent, the color you like, the color of the nail polish is best to match the color of the nail sticker.

Choose nail polish color

 5. Apply nail polish

After all the nails are dry, you can start to apply nail polish. Be careful when applying nail polish to prevent it from sticking to the skin.

Apply nail polish, beauty nail

6. Paste the nail sticker applique

Quickly attach the selected Nylon nail applique to the nails that are not yet dry. Use a nail tool to flatten the perimeter to no wrinkles. Note: When you attach the Nail Sticker Applique, you should do it quickly to prevent the nail applique from sticking out after the nail polish is dry. If you want to stick a diamond, you can also paste it at the same time.

7. Upper armor oil

After the beauty nail applique is attached, apply a layer of transparent nail polish, pay attention to gently apply, or you will put the nail applique on the flower.

Nail sticker applique display

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