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How to use nail stickers - Nail stickers tutorial
source:Meizi Nail art time:2017-12-21
How to use nail stickers - Nail stickers tutorial
How to use nail sticker

1. Clean nails
Use nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol around the nails. Do not primer this appearance, it can prevent the adhesion of nail stickers.
2 to prepare beauty child nail stickers
Pick the sticker that is closest to the size of your nails. If you can not find nail size matching nail stickers, please choose a larger than the nail nail stickers. Then trim it with small scissors to fit the nails. Rub the sticker on your hand slightly to make it more flexible and useful.
3. Apply nail stickers
Nail stickers from the nail art stickers. Place stickers on your nails near, but not overlapping, your cuticle. Press the sticker down smoothly from the nails.
4. Paste on the nails using a hair dryer heat blowing for a few seconds
Use a warm setting on the hair dryer. If your hair dryer is hot at close range, put it back in place to avoid possible injury to the skin. Heated nails help to stick on nails smoothly.
5.nail rubbing to go to the extra nail stickers.
Take a nail file perpendicular to the nails. Place the nails down to separate the excess tape from the free edges of the nails. Start with the rougher end and finish with finer gravel. Use the smooth end to smooth the edges as you rub off excess nail art stickers.
6. Protect your nail stickers
You can add a layer of finish if you want, but not too much. Handle your nails gently to avoid stress and moisture. Avoid using lotions or oil-based products on your nails, which can cause the stickers to separate. Keep your nails away from heat unless the nail stickers begin to fall off. If so, use a blower to blow your nails as you smooth the sticker down. For example, wear gloves to protect your nails while cooking or other damp or messy work.
Nail stickers how to use - Nail Sticker Tutorial - How to use nail sticker
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