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How to use nail sticker
source:Meizi Nail art time:2017-12-21
Nail stickers how to use? How to paste nail stickers?
Use nail stickers nail, convenient, beautiful and shiny, harmless to the human body, pregnant women, precious mother, children can be used, has become the first choice in the nail.
Use nails stickers nail before:
1, the necessary tools: nail stickers, rubbing, cleaning package;
2, cleaning nail surface: use rubbing nails to polish flush, and then nail clean bag to clean the nails;
3, choose a paste: choose the size of their own nails corresponding to the general nail paste (nail stickers can not be larger than the nail size).
Nail paste the correct use of steps:
1, lift a paste: hold the white photo paper part, the nail paste from the photo paper on the lift (be careful not to paste a sticky);
2, tear off A paste: nail clippers will be suitable for you to remove the tail, remove the nail paste;
3, affixed to A posted: the nail paste in the nail, gently pull it completely docile; for re-affixed, please gently peel nails posted and then adjust the fit flush;
4, trim a paste: use nail rubbing along the nails inward to repair the extra part of the nail stickers.


① Make sure your nails are clean
② keep with 90 ° to remove the excess nail paste
③ Kaifeng, please use, or it will kill
④ stickers posted within 2 hours of nails best not to touch the water
⑤ stickers after the nail as far as possible with a finger flatten the stickers
⑥ cold weather, before using a stick to cover the cup heated
Nail art nail art effect posted Image:
Nail polish nail art effect pictureNail polish nail art effect picture
 How to use nail sticker-Nail stickers tutorial
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