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New Style Nail Stickers

  • White nail polish stickers-Nail polish sticker factory
  • Fashion blue nail polish sticker - Nail polish sticker supplier
  • Yellow nail polish sticker-Nail polish sticker wholesale
  • Bridal nail polish stickers-nail sticker maker
  • Starry black nail polish sticker
  • Blue nail polish sticker-Nail polish sticker factory
  • Glitter nail polish sticker-girls nail stickers
  • Simple pure color nail polish stickers-nail sticker suppliers
  • Nail polish sticker-full nail stickers
  • Wine red nail polish sticker supplier

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Guangzhou Meizi Artware Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Company Profile WeGuangzhouMeizi ArtwareManufacturing Co.,Ltd. isa prominent firm instrumental in exporting, manufacturing, supplying and distributing wide gamut of nails art.Such as nail sticker, nail polish applique, nail decal,nail file, crystal nail sticker,nail stencil sticker,toenail sticker,tattoo sticker and so on.more than 10 years OEM experience familiar with a variety of industry,we have our own factory and many cooperate partners.OEM/ODM is welcome. Moredetails kindly visit ourcompany website:http://www.mznails.com Email: 15622117855@mznails.com WhatsApp:+08613602786309 product advantages 1)product appearance beautiful and strong, a variety of colors optional, 3D stereoscopic effect of realistic, smooth lines and beautiful; 2) imported high-quality ink printing, high brightness oil, not bleaching; 3) posted after the product adhesion is good, smooth surface, abrasion, imports of environmentally friendly glue, strong adhesion; 4) reasonable design, ultra soft material, perfect fit eyelids, excellent flexibility; 5) free to move: When you are posted on the pattern position is not satisfied, can be free to move to their o......

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